One year ago today…

I started the day off single.

I woke up early.

I headed to the Hotel Del Coronado from down town San Diego.

I decorated chairs and put out flowers.

I put on make up, did my hair, and put on a white gown.

One year ago today, I walked down the isle towards my future husband, holding my father’s arm.

When I first saw John my heart fluttered with joy.

I took the hand of John and we said our vows, he said I do.

I said I do, over, and over, and over again, just to make John laugh.

When it was John’s turn to put my ring on, he forgot.

When it was my turn to put John’s ring on, I pretended to drop and lose the ring.

When I revealed it was a joke, John reminded everyone that his ring is Tungsten and indestructible.

One year ago today, we prayed for God’s guidance and presence in our marriage.

A sand ceremony to symbolize how two will become one, and will be inseparable, was performed.

Jeff said to John, you may finally kiss your bride.

John and I shared our first kiss ever.

One year ago today, we praised God for the wonderful gift of marriage!

Today, we celebrate one year of marriage.

Today, the excitement I feel when I see John, still makes my heart flutter with joy, but the feeling is amplified.

Today, I am married to my best friend, John.

Today, the man I knew was strong, hard working, smart, funny, and such a wonderful blessing in my life, continues to amaze me every day.

Today, I can kiss him any time I want.

Today, we continue to praise God, seek His guidance and presence in our marriage, and thank Him for the wonderful gift of marriage He has blessed us with!

Always in Him and with love,

These are some “first anniversary gift for my wonderful husband” words…

By Nicole



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2 responses to “One year ago today…

  1. Betsy

    Happy Anniversary to you both !!

  2. Happy anniversary! I am so happy that you and John found each other. Hope you are enjoying your time away together! Many hugs from the Alley family!

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