Anniversary Adventure…

So we had this amazing trip planned for our anniversary to head to San Diego, back to where it all began. Well, not really where it all began. That is another story, one too intricate to write because it just has too many twists and turns and great, amazing planning on God’s part. All you need to know about THAT story is that it was all God, He did it, orchestrated it, and made it perfect, in His timing. What I am talking about now, is going back to where we got married. 🙂 John took Saturday and Sunday off, I took Friday and Monday. We had reserved a room at the Hilton Mission Valley, thanks to our awesome cousin Gary Germroth, and we were going to be able to stay for three glorious nights.  We saved. We had $700 ready to go to pay for the hotel, food, and gas. We tried to over save, just in case. 🙂 We had it all “planned” out.

Our plan…

Friday was road trip day. We would spend 6 hours in the car talking and laughing, enjoying the scenery on the way to San Diego. John and I road trip well together. Its fun. Even when things go wrong, like we are so exhausted and just want to find a place to sleep for a couple of hours and can’t seem to find anywhere, we still get along just fine and we find ourselves laughing and having a good time regardless of the circumstances. Again, another story to share, maybe I’ll work on that blog next. 🙂 Anyhow… When we got to CA, our plan was to relax at the pool and wait for check-in time. Saturday was going to be spent relaxing on the beach and doing whatever we wanted. I had the beach towel ready to go. It is huge, a two person towel. Ahhh. The beach. Then, after a day soaking in the sun, we would head to dinner at The Hotel Del, with sparkling wine to drink and delicious vegan cupcakes from Stephanie’s Bakery for desert, reminiscent of the day we were married. Sunday would be similar only dinner would be somewhere else but equally romantic. Monday, we would sleep in, check out at noon, and head home in time for John to go to work. It was going to be 4 days and 3 nights of wonderful, uninterrupted, John and Nicole time. It was going to be romantic and relaxing. It was going to be wonderful. We planned this trip for months and I for one, was desperately looking forward to it.

The “hitch” in the plan…

The week before our anniversary, the brakes in my car went out. I knew that they were getting bad. Last time I had my car in, the man said they were at about 20%, whatever that means, and that was a while ago. When John heard how the brakes were grinding, how bad they sounded, he said we definitely needed to get them fixed before going to CA. On Saturday we took the car to Brakes Plus, the one on Baseline and Greenfield, and had the brakes fixed. They did a great job, were fast, and really friendly! I would recommend them to anyone on the mere fact that they were so incredibly friendly. When we picked up the car, they pointed out how bad the rear tires were, they were down to the metal. Well, we obviously couldn’t drive to CA with tires that bad, that would be really dangerous, so we had to get the tires replaced as well. This was a little frustrating because we had just replaced three tires about a year ago. The good news was that the three tires were purchased at Discount Tires, and they give you a warranty! I was really hopeful that we would only have to pay for one tire and that the warranty would cover the other three! 🙂 Well, I took the car in on Tuesday and was told that the warranty wouldn’t cover the damage to the rear tires because the damage was due to an alignment problem. Bummer! So… the guy at Discount told me he would look at the other two tires and see what we needed to do. Long story short was that he could cover two of the tires with the warranty so that we would only have to pay for two. Not the best news, but better than having to pay for four!! 🙂 So our total to make the car safe for our trip to CA = $700. $330 for the brakes and $370 for the tires. There went our budget for our trip.

The decision…

We had a choice at this point, use savings for our trip or cancel it. To use our savings, money that is intended for emergencies, to go on our anniversary trip seemed irresponsible. John was a great leader for us in this difficult decision. He felt that we should honor God. Although I agreed, it was still a little hard for me. I wanted to honor my husband and God, and even though I was sad, I knew John was right and this was the right thing to do. We canceled the trip. Ultimately, what mattered wasn’t the trip, what mattered was that we were so blessed! The trip didn’t define the anniversary. We had each other and we have God, Who loves us infinitely more than we love each other. We were celebrating a year of marriage and what we did to celebrate that didn’t matter. We were praising God for this wonderful gift He has blessed us with.

Our anniversary adventure…

We began the day with a drive with no destination.
We came home and John shaved Buddy, I watched, and now Buddy has a new nick-name, Buddy Big Head.
We went to As You Wish and painted a picture frame together to commemorate our first anniversary.

We then went and watched “The Other Guys” at San Tan Mall. We parked by the theater and then walked to Brio for dinner. It was a GORGEOUS night. We had dinner on the patio at Brio. The service and treatment we received was amazing and it was a very special evening. One we will never forget.

Even though this anniversary didn’t exactly follow the plan we had in mind, we had a ton of fun and we enjoyed what we have been blessed with. We praise God for the blessings He has given us. This marriage is truly a gift from God and we are thankful.

Always in Him and with love,

These are some “adventurous” words…

By Nicole


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