Trying a new Sunday schedule…

So John works every other Saturday and this was his Saturday to work. Normally he comes home, takes a quick nap, gets up so we can go to 9am service at church, and then comes home and goes to bed.

We’re trying something new today. He says that exercise gets him energized so he is on his way home and we are going to go to the gym, come home, shower, go to the 9am service, and then he is going to come home and go to bed.

I am hoping this will work better for him. I praise God for his willingness to sacrifice sleep to go to church with me and be the spiritual leader of our family. I know we’ll get it figured out eventually but I am hoping today is the day!!! 🙂

Always in Him and with love,

These are some “exercise = energize” words…

by Nicole


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